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Welcome to Anna Tcepkova website

Welcome to Anna Tcepkova website

Welcome to Anna Tcepkova websiteWelcome to Anna Tcepkova website

There is something in Nature that really can help you to cope with your suffering!

Anna Tcepkova, homeopath


I'm happy to introduce homeopathy to you and all your family


Using all my professional knowledge in medicine and in homeopathy, I am here to help you with any of your health problems: ANY MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL or PHYSICAL. I'm interested in YOU as in a WHOLE person, not just in YOUR symptoms.

If you would like to be treated with homeopathy – I need to find the most appropriate remedy for you among THOUSANDS of them – let’s call it “YOUR remedy” or “TRUE CURE” – or REMEDIUM VERUM (as in Latin).

This approach will NOT SUPPRESS your symptoms, but only HELP YOUR OWN ENERGY to regulate your symptoms!

This is the only TRUE way to a CURE!


When it comes to health, I believe that everyone has the right to choose.


It is easy to spoil health: drink bad water, eat poor-quality food, take chemical drugs for any reason, accumulate toxins in your body, expose yourself to stress and thereby provoke diseases genetically inherent in the body.

I believe that if you focus on disease prevention and a healthy lifestyle, you can avoid chronic diseases and live longer with a better quality of life.

I believe that the body can regulate so many conditions on its own, just give it a chance to do it, without outside intervention and without suppressing the symptoms with aggressive treatment methods.

I know that natural medicine can help us achieve this goal in many ways.

Homeopathy is a separate natural medical system that can change a person’s energy, and therefore give a person a stimulus for self-regulation and salvation from diseases. Properly selected homeopathic medicine helps a person in this self-regulation.

Therefore, my task is to help those who need such help. I am a homeopath. You are welcome. 

HOMOEOPATHY: a brief overview


A homeopathy is an approach in natural medicine, which is completely different from conventional medicine and even from other approaches of natural healing because it uses infinitesimal amounts of substances. Experiments showed that very small amounts of a substance can treat the same disease symptoms which can be seen in a healthy person who has taken a toxic dose of this substance. One simple example is, if the person is suffering from symptoms that look like poisoning caused by a certain substance – we can treat this person using a homeopathic remedy that is prepared from this very substance! This is the main homeopathic principle: “LIKE CURES LIKE”. 

Discovered more than two hundred years ago by German physician S.Hahnemann, it has spread all around the world because of its safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness.

The homeopathic remedy can be prepared from any source (plant, mineral, etc.). Modern homeopathic pharmacopeia consists of thousands of remedies. That's why it's not easy to find a unique remedy for a person! However, there is something in Nature that really can help you to cope with your suffering!


The homeopathic remedy, to be effective, must be prepared according to the rules. If in the very high potency, it does not have any molecules of the initial substance! That is why “How does it work?” is the most controversial question used by opponents of homeopathy – “it cannot work because there is nothing in it!” However, it works! Many people all around the world use homeopathy in their daily life. The power of the remedy depends on the specific homeopathic process of preparation: it is diluted many times, but each subsequent dilution is followed by a strong succussion (succussion means to shake violently). In the end, we get a potentized remedy – and the more it is diluted, the wider and stronger its influence on the vital force (energy) within your body. Many basic science studies confirm the biological activity of homeopathic medicines. Modern scientific investigations showed that homeopathy is a nanomedicine. The original source molecules are retained by the homeopathic medicines as nano-particles [Dr. E.S.Rajendran; Nanodynamics, 2015].


Usually, it helps and works well WHEN THE MOST APPROPRIATE REMEDY IS FOUND UNIQUELY FOR YOU. In homeopathy, we call it the constitutional remedy. However, some obstacles to a cure may appear, depending on the case.  

 What are the OBSTACLES to be cured with homeopathy? 

- Severe and long-lasting degenerative disorders

- Continuing taking of some strong chemical drugs (such as hormones etc).

- Consumption of some antidotes to homeopathy on a regular basis, for example, smoking a lot, drinking too much coffee or alcohol, using menthol containing kinds of toothpaste, some spices in large quantities (garlic, onion, etc.), combined it can make it difficult for a homeopathic remedy to act.

- If you don't follow daily your prescribed homeopathic health plan.

If we have any obstacles – it does not mean we cannot start to use homeopathy. However, we may need more time for the whole process!


Absolutely everyone can be treated with homeopathic remedies: infants, children, and adults at different ages, animals (in veterinary homeopathy) and plants (in agrohomeopathy).

Duration of the healing process depends on two main factors:

1) how long you have been suffering from your symptoms or disease, and

2) what kind of condition you have – acute or chronic.

ACUTE conditions – they take a short time for recovery.

  1. For acute conditions, such as cold, flu, allergic reactions, insects bites reaction, intestinal disorders, food poisoning, burns, injures, etc. you can always get help from me regarding the use of a homeopathy as a single choice or if you have already started a conventional treatment, you can add some natural medicines for better and a faster recovery!
  2. Create your own homeopathic kit at home and ask me how to use it in your daily life – for you and your children!

CHRONIC conditions – they take more time for healing – and usually depend on the type of condition and its duration.

For those people who have chronic "functional disorders" (when there is no diagnostic evidence of any disease but some symptoms are constantly or periodically persisting and giving some kind of discomfort in daily life)  homeopathy is a TREATMENT OF CHOICE! 


  1. when you can be treated only with homeopathy 
  2. when we can combine homeopathic treatment with a conventional treatment you have already started
  3. when we do not have time to start only with homeopathic treatment and I will advise you to visit a conventional doctor




Which FORMAL questions you can expect from me during your visit?

- Your age, education, and occupation

- How long have you suffered from your current symptoms

- Facts from your medical history – any infectious diseases in childhood, injuries, traumatic disorders,  treatments in a hospital, operations, and vaccinations during your life

- Smoking/alcohol consumption etc.


Which UNUSUAL information may I need about you?

- Your stressful situations in life?

- Which food you like or dislike?

- Which people you like or dislike?

- Your fears or dreams?

- Your hobbies?

- What do you think other people think about you? Is it important?

- If I had a magic stick – what would you like to change in your life? etc....

 it depends on YOU, as a person!


I have the most unusual question especially for you – which will never be repeated to anyone!

To be better prepared, please bring any information from your medical history (available medical documentation or diagnostics results) and a list of your current medications and dosage.

  • Your privacy is important to me! 

Anna Tcepkova, homeopath. About Me



I am a medical doctor trained in Russia with experience in General Medicine, Haematology, Rheumatology and Homeopathy.

I am a registered homeopath in Australia (AROH reg.# 18-481).


MD, General Practitioner, Saint Petersburg State Medical University, Saint Petersburg, Russia 1992-1998

Haematology, Military Medical Academy named after S.M. Kirov, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 1998

Ph.D. Rheumatology, Military Medical Academy named after S.M. Kirov, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2000-2003

Homeopathy, State Medical Academy named after I.I. Mechnikov, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2010

Advanced courses in Internal Diseases, Military Medical Academy named after S.M. Kirov, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2011; 2016

Advanced course in Homeopathy, North-West State Medical University named after I.I.Mechnikov, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2016


Qualification assessment June 2015 – Complementary Health Therapies – assessed by VETASSESS:

- qualification 1 (General Medicine) assessed as comparable to an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Bachelor degree, 

- qualification 2 (Medicine) assessed as comparable to an AQF Doctoral degree.

Completed the Recognition of Current Competency Test – Registration in Australian Register of Homeopaths, membership from March 2018.


1997 to 1998. A registered nurse, Military Medical Academy named after S.M. Kirov, Saint Petersburg

1998 to 2003. General Practitioner, Military Medical Academy named after S.M. Kirov, Saint Petersburg, Russia

November 2003 to March 2011. General Practitioner/Researcher, Federal State Institution Medical Surgery Centre named after N.I. Pirogov, Saint Petersburg, Russia

April 2011 to February 2014. Practitioner of homeopathic medicine, Saint-Petersburg Homeopathy Centre, Russia

March 2014 to November 2016. Assistant Fellow/Homeopath, North-West State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov, Saint Petersburg, Russia

March 2018. Registered homeopath in Australia, Australian Register of Homeopaths registration number 18-481.

July 2018. Australian Homoeopathic Association, professional membership. Reg.# 1294.


2011 Qualification in electroacupuncture and Dr.Voll's diagnostics method

2015 Advanced course in “Psychological and educational concepts of routine medical practice.”


  • Department of Homeopathy and Traditional Medicine in Saint-Petersburg Medical Academy named after I.I.Mechnikov, which was later re-organized into the Department of Physiotherapy and Medical Rehabilitation in the North-West Medical University named after I.I.Mechnikov (after the integration with Medical Academy of Post-Diploma Education in Saint-Petersburg). 
  • Saint-Petersburg Homeopathic Center, Russia.
  • Saint-Petersburg Homeopathic Association and their Russian-French seminars annually held in Saint-Petersburg as well as Annual International Homeopathic Conferences in Saint-Petersburg.
  • The Lubov Lurie Moscow School of homeopathy, Russia.
  • Center of systemic homeopathy, Moscow, Russia.
  • G. Vitholkas, Academy of classical homeopathy in Greece and their branch in Moscow.
  • R. Sankaran (India) - seminars in homeopathy in Moscow, his “sensation method” and “The other song” School of homeopathy and his 1-year e-learning homeopathic course for Russian students.
  • J.Hardy (UK) - seminars in Saint-Petersburg.
  • M.Gandi (India) - seminars in Saint-Petersburg.
  • Vega Rosenberg (USA-Israel-Cyprus) Evolution of Self School of Homeopathy (ESSH); his amazing seminars in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.




To be a homeopath nowadays means to become a person who achieved the goal despite lots of difficulties and problems in overcoming the general social opinion and going against the ruling medical allopathic system. People who are working in homeopathy usually have a negative personal experience when treating their patients, their family members or themselves with chemical allopathic drugs. The only reason to consider that experience as a “negative” was that all those patients were becoming chronically ill, despite treatment at high modern quality standards.

To become a homeopath in Russia you must be a medical doctor first. It means you graduated from Medical University, you have been taught how to treat using allopathic drugs in any area of medicine that you had chosen passing a specialization (ex., internal diseases, gynecology, pediatrics, neurology, rheumatology, etc.). It means you agree that we are just observing how our patients are getting worse from year to year mostly from toxic or side effects of drugs or their ineffectiveness. The minority who disagree with such an approach of treatment, feel so uncomfortable in this system they move to alternative medicine.

I was among those who disagreed.

To become a homeopath after being a conventional doctor we need to break rules which are not only in the medical system that raised us - we need to overcome many things in our own heads in our understanding of curing and healing. As you reach this understanding, the entire world becomes upside down. The first “victims” (in a good meaning of course) of this “new understanding of the world of treatment”, are those closest to a “new-reborn” doctor – the family members.

My homeopathic history started with treating my 4-year-old son who was suffering from allergy and asthma. In 2009 just with several doses of a homeopathic remedy, prescribed to him by a homeopath (who learned in George’s Vithoulkas Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Greece) with amazing results, I would describe as stunning to me. How could these two pills work better than all those new modern and expensive drugs?

After this experience, all chemical drugs, which were used for my son, were thrown away from my home and I decided to start learning homeopathy. I made that decision after 12-years of clinical practice as a conventional medical doctor. 

Therefore, it was not easy to change everything in my career. At that moment, I had experience working with patients in hematology, onco-hematology, therapy, and rheumatology. I had a Ph.D. doing scientific research in rheumatology in Saint Petersburg Rheumatologic Center. I have seen that survival and quality of life in most cases were not impressive. However, why was it so if we were delivering a high-standard service?

So, why I became a homeopath… I think I was always open to understanding any critical things about myself or any reasonable evidence of our professional helplessness, which was finally shown to me by my 4-year-old son. Now I just let children grow healthy. Homeopathy as a natural regulation medicine allows us to do so.  



My children think the thing I love is to put sweet pills under a patient’s tongue…. Yes, it is partly so.

The process is simple and gives a good result…

However, to be honest… before putting something under the tongue you need to be sure you are putting the right thing…

 So… the best thing in my practice is that exciting sensation, something inside me when I realize I have found the right remedy for my patient. That this remedy is personal. That it is HIS or HER remedy. Nobody looks or sounds like this person. 

The remedy should be unique as well. Let’s call it  “REMEDIUM VERUM”.



  • Practicing classical homeopathy. 

  • Improving my professional development (conferences, seminars, webinars, presentations, etc).

  • Promoting the homeopathic treatment in my community.

  • Supporting my patients by sharing the knowledge about natural ways of healing, advising on using homeopathy in daily life. 

How to make an appointment


If there is a chronic condition you are suffering from – please 

- text me to 0432 753 771

- or leave a voice message to 0432 753 771

- or e-mail to annalayr@gmail.com

Please give your name and in a few words describe your main problem – I will reply to you within 24 hours.

If there is an acute condition – please call me on 0432 753 771. If you have had at the previous consultation and collected your home homeopathic kit – it's easier to advise you via phone what to take first. However, if there was no previous visit and you don't have your remedies with you – it is better to visit me so I can prescribe remedies for you.


Can you get a homeopathic remedy from me?

- Yes, you can! I'm always ready to supply you with the remedy you need. I always purchase remedies only from well-known reliable homeopathic pharmacies, which I trust for quality control. Sometimes if a unique remedy is needed, we will need to wait for its delivery, then I can pass it on to you as soon as possible.

- However, it is up to you – to make an order by yourself or obtain a remedy from my office. If you want to do it yourself – I'm ready to advise you from where to choose your product.


Your HOME Homeopathic kit

This is a very important question to discuss with me if you would like to use homeopathy in your daily life. The home homeopathic kit usually consists of the most urgent remedies for such situations as traumatic disorders, injuries, recovery after surgical operations, tooth extraction,   bites, sunburns, cuts, nausea or vomiting due to food intoxication, a cold or a flu, bacterial or virus infections, any acute local inflammation, naupathia, shock, stressful or sudden emotional problems etc. Usually, I advise to include in your home kit some specific remedies in advance according to the “family health situation”, and depending on your usual symptoms when, for example, you get a cold or the flu. I always help you to make an order to include all the remedies you need for your daily life, or if we are in an urgent situation, I will dispense appropriate remedies for you.

Listed below are prices and discounts for consultations:


Chronic condition:

Initial homeopathic consultation –   $150 (up to 2,5 hours)

Follow-up visit (subsequent homeopathic consultation) – $80 (up to 1 hour)

Discounts (initial consultations):

If you have an additional family member, the consultation includes:

- 20% discount for the next family
member ($ 120) 

- 30% discount for further members ($ 105)

Acute condition:

– first time visit (no previous initial   consultations) – $55

– if there was a previous initial consultation before – $35 

 VISA, Mastercard®, and EFTPOS transactions are available



I would be pleased to meet you at my office. If you would like to visit me – please make an appointment via e-mail annalayr@gmail.com or call me 043 275 37 71 -  you can leave a message for the appointment as well.

I am located at Unit 3, 20 High Street, Frankston, 3199 VIC.

We can book a convenient time for you to visit!

Please be aware that FIRST HOMEOPATHIC CONSULTATION DUE TO CHRONIC CONDITION MAY TAKE TIME – up to 2.5 hours – so please arrange your schedules in advance.

 To be better prepared, please bring any information from your medical history (available medical documentation or diagnostics results) and a list of your current medications and dosage.

  • Your privacy is important to me!

Thank you for visiting my Web-page!

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Please contact me, Anna Tcepkova, directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have. I will respond within 24 hours!


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